Endorsements from Organizations

If you are interested in having your organization endorse the CASSE position, please fill out our online form or contact us.  The following organizations have adopted their own positions on economic growth or endorsed the CASSE position.

Professional scientific societies that have adopted a position on economic growth:

Other organizations that have adopted a similar position on economic growth:

Australian Conservation Foundation, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, 2008
Arrowsmith Naturalists, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada, 2008
City of Bloomington Environmental Commission, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 2008
Federation of British Columbia Naturalists (BC Nature), N. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2008
Green Party of the United States, Washington, DC, USA, 2004
Lillooet Naturalist Society, Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada, 2007

218 private, corporate, nonprofit, and political organizations have endorsed the CASSE position:

Name Type of Organization City State/Province Country Website Date
Philadelphia Jewish Voice Nonprofit Organization Wynnewood PA USA pjvoice.org 07/24/2015
Inscape Nonprofit Organization Solomons MD USA 06/24/2015
Hawai'i Sustainable Lifestyle Network Nonprofit Organization Honolulu HI USA 05/20/2015
Mid-atlantic Renewable Energy Association Nonprofit Organization Kutztown PA USA www.themarea.org 02/17/2015
Green Schools Alliance Nonprofit Organization New York NY USA www.greenschoolsalliance.org 01/22/2015
Ohias Nonprofit Organization San Rafael CA USA www.ohias.org 12/02/2014
Economy For Humanity Nonprofit Organization Norfolk VA USA http://www.economy4humanity.org 11/17/2014
Human Innovation Co., Ltd. Company Tokyo Japan 08/25/2014
Christian Ecology Link Nonprofit Organization NG13 9HE United Kingdom www.greenchristian.org.uk 04/25/2014
Montgomery County Green Party Political Party Washington DC USA montgomerycountygreenparty.org 03/31/2014
Institute For Studies In Happiness, Economy And Society Nonprofit Organization Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan http://ishes.org/en/ 12/02/2013
A2share Nonprofit Organization Ann Arbor MI USA http://a2share.org 11/19/2013
Village Vancouver Transition Society Nonprofit Organization Vancouver British Columbia Canada www.villagevancouver.ca 11/14/2013
Sitka Foundation Nonprofit Organization Vancouver British Columbia USA http://www.sitkafoundation.org/ 11/12/2013
Silva Forest Foundation Nonprofit Organization Slocan Park British Columbia Canada http://www.silvafor.org/ 11/07/2013
End Ecocide In Europe Other London United Kingdom www.endecocide.eu 10/26/2013
Quest 2025 Nonprofit Organization Wishart Australia www.quest2025.net 09/20/2013
Future Stewards Llc Company Portland OR USA FutureStewards.com 09/12/2013
New Solutions Energy Company Santa Fe NM USA http://www.newsolutionsenergy.com/ 08/06/2013
Thoreau Group Of The Sierra Club Nonprofit Organization Boston MA USA 07/03/2013
First Discipline Nonprofit Organization Trivandrum India http://firstdiscipline.com/ 05/22/2013
Gower Power Community Co-operative Nonprofit Organization Swansea United Kingdom Www.gowerpower.coop 05/10/2013
Green Sod Ireland Nonprofit Organization Galway Ireland www.greensodireland.ie 05/10/2013
Montgomery County Green Party Bethesda MD USA 03/22/2013
Stichting Ons Geld Nonprofit Organization Zeist Netherlands www.onsgeld.nu 02/21/2013
Nature Conservation Council Nsw Nonprofit Organization NEWTOWN Australia www.nccnsw.org.au 02/20/2013
Ceeweb For Biodiversiry Budapest Hungary www.ceeweb.org 02/15/2013
Edmonton Small Press Assn (espa) Nonprofit Organization Edmonton Alberta Canada www.edmontonsmallpress.org 02/13/2013
Doctors For The Environment Australia Nonprofit Organization Adelaide Australia www.dea.org.au 12/20/2012
Biohabitats, Inc. Company Baltimore --US States-- USA www.biohabitats.com 11/24/2012
Community Service For Environmental Protection Nonprofit Organization Mbonge,SWR Cameroon http//sites.google.com/cosepcam 11/23/2012
Institute For Sustainable Futures Other Sydney Australia http://www.isf.uts.edu.au/ 11/21/2012
Caretaker Farm Company Williamstown MA USA http://www.caretakerfarm.org/index.html 10/06/2012
Earth Law Center Nonprofit Organization Fremont CA USA www.earthlawcenter.org 07/14/2012
Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated Nonprofit Organization Auckland New Zealand www.phase2.org 06/11/2012
Ecobuddhism Nonprofit Organization Galway Ireland www.ecobuddhism.org 02/16/2012
Red Nacional De Observadores De Aves (rnoa) Professional Society Bogota Colombia www.rnoa.org 01/11/2012
Ecobuild Inc. Company Boulder CO USA www.eco-build.com 12/03/2011
Endow-bio, Inc. Nonprofit Organization Ames IA USA Endow-Bio.org 11/03/2011
Democratic Planet Capital Nonprofit Organization Berlin Germany 10/16/2011
Post Growth Institute Nonprofit Organization Sydney Australia http://postgrowth.org 08/04/2011
Radish Other Leeds United Kingdom www.radishweb.co.uk 07/26/2011
Salish Sea Trading Cooperative Nonprofit Organization Seattle WA USA www.salishseatrading.com 06/08/2011
Energy Biomass Management Company Tallahassee FL USA 05/26/2011
Projeto Manuelzão Ufmg Other Belo Horizonte Brazil www.manuelzao.ufmg.br 05/09/2011
Caminhos Da Serra Nonprofit Organization Gouveia Brazil http://ongcaminhosdaserra.blogspot.com/2011/02/sobre-ong-caminhos-da-serra.html 04/30/2011
Pelion Holistic Education Center Nonprofit Organization Anilio Greece www.spititonkentavron.org 03/28/2011
Global Ecovillage Network - Europe Nonprofit Organization Beetzendorf Germany www.gen-europe.org 03/24/2011
Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage Nonprofit Organization Visby Sweden www.ekobogotland.se 03/24/2011
West End Residents Association Nonprofit Organization Vancouver British Columbia Canada http://wera.bc.ca/ 03/09/2011
The Simplicity Institute Nonprofit Organization Melbourne Australia www.simplicityinstitute.org 03/07/2011
Sociedad Antioqueña De Ornitología Nonprofit Organization Medellín Colombia www.sao.org.co 03/02/2011
Applied Ecology For Tropical Resources, Ecotropics Nonprofit Organization Washington DC USA www.ecotropics.org 03/01/2011
Naturar Iguaque Other Arcabuco Colombia 02/15/2011
Foresight International Nonprofit Organization Indooroopilly Australia http://richardslaughter.com.au/ 02/11/2011
Four Winds Farm Gardiner NY USA http://users.bestweb.net/~fourwind/ 02/10/2011
Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia Nonprofit Organization Bogota D.C. USA www.fundacionbiodiversa.org 02/07/2011
Ecolodge El Almejal Other Medellín Colombia www.almejal.com.co 02/04/2011
Positive Money Nonprofit Organization London United Kingdom http://www.positivemoney.org.uk/ 02/02/2011
Projet Rescousse Nonprofit Organization La Prairie Quebec Canada www.rescousse.org 02/02/2011
Conservation International - Brazil Nonprofit Organization Brasilia - DF Brazil http://www.conservation.org/explore/south_america/brazil/pages/brazil.aspx 01/31/2011
Green Conduct Company Marseille France http://greenconduct.com/ 01/28/2011
Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting Company Indianapolis IN USA http://sustainablemanufacturing.biz/ 01/12/2011
Environmental Development Action - Ethiopia Nonprofit Organization Addis Ababa Ethiopia http://www.africanchildinfo.net/site/index.php?Itemid=64&catid=3&option=com_sobiorg2&sobiorg2Id=3584&sobiorg2Task=sobiorg2Detail 01/11/2011
Development Alternatives Nonprofit Organization New Delhi India www.devalt.org 01/08/2011
Fís Nua Political Party Carndonagh Ireland www.fisnua.com 01/03/2011
Volunteer Cornwall Nonprofit Organization Truro United Kingdom www.volunteercornwall.org.uk 12/20/2010
Low-impact Living Initiative (lili) Nonprofit Organization Winslow, Bucks United Kingdom www.lowimpact.org 12/09/2010
Eden Foundation Nonprofit Organization Nelson New Zealand www.edenfoundation.org.nz 12/06/2010
Sustainable Arizona Nonprofit Organization Sedona AZ USA www.SustainableArizona.org 11/30/2010
Tepui Ltd Company Dublin Ireland www.tepuidesign.com 11/27/2010
Skychaser Energy, Inc. Company Oak Park IL USA 11/26/2010
Ecological Society Of The Philippines Nonprofit Organization Makati City Philippines www.esp.org.ph 11/19/2010
Miljøpartiet De Grønne (green Party Of Norway) Political Party Oslo Norway http://www.mdg.no/ 11/14/2010
Flying Tomato Farms Company Vermillion SD USA http://flyingtomato.wordpress.com/about/ 11/11/2010
Zehnder Farms, Ltd. Company Invermere British Columbia Canada 11/10/2010
Cleveland Committee On Corporations, Law & Democracy Other Cuyahoga Falls OH USA 11/01/2010
The Future In Our Hands Nonprofit Organization Oslo Norway http://www.framtiden.no/ 10/21/2010
Island Re And Free Stores Company Port Alberni British Columbia Canada restore.freestore@usedalberni.ca 10/14/2010
Timberwolf Systems, Inc. Company Dallas TX USA http://www.spoke.com/info/c46hYQN/TimberwolfSystemsInc 10/09/2010
Ecology Center Of Southern California Nonprofit Organization Los Angeles CA USA http://www.ecoprojects.org/ecocen.htm 10/04/2010
Ananda Harvest Nonprofit Organization Monroe NY USA blog.anandaharvest.org 09/02/2010
Mappamondo Gis Company Parma Italy www.mappamondogis.com 08/27/2010
Sustainable Energy Systems, Inc. Company Troy NY USA 08/26/2010
Global Warming Education Network Nonprofit Organization Lexington MA USA www.gwenet.org 08/24/2010
Environmental Action Committee Of The First Religious Society Nonprofit Organization Carlisle MA USA http://uucarlisle.org/index.php?page=environmental-action 08/04/2010
Landmark Foundation Nonprofit Organization Grahamstown South Africa http://www.landmarkfoundation.org.za 08/02/2010
Polymath Environmental Consulting Company Edmonton Alberta Canada 07/07/2010
The Wild Bird General Store Company Edmonton Alberta Canada http://www.wildbirdgeneralstore.com/ 07/06/2010
Conservation Biology Institute Nonprofit Organization Corvallis OR USA http://consbio.org/ 07/06/2010
Animal Damage Control Company Sherwood Park Alberta Canada http://www.animaldamagecontrol.ca/ 07/06/2010
Utah Population And Environment Coalition Nonprofit Organization Salt Lake City UT USA www.utahpop.org 06/18/2010
Can-nic-a-nick Environmental Sciences Company Whitehorse Yukon Territory Canada Cannicanick.com 05/26/2010
Commonsource Nonprofit Organization Mountain View CA USA http://shareable.net 05/20/2010
Reset Nonprofit Organization London United Kingdom www.reset-development.org 05/19/2010
Common Good Finance Nonprofit Organization Ashfield MA USA commongoodbank.com 05/18/2010
Neil Patterson Productions Company Hillsborough NC USA 05/14/2010
E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Nonprofit Organization Hillsborough NC USA http://www.eowilson.org/ 05/14/2010
Genius Loci Inc Company Elyria OH USA www.indigination.com 05/09/2010
Sustieni Guåhan Other Mangilao USA http://www.facebook.com/sustieniguahan 05/04/2010
Green Vegans Nonprofit Organization Seattle WA USA www.greenvegans.org 04/30/2010
Jamaican Iguana Recovery Group Nonprofit Organization Kingston Jamaica 03/12/2010
Project Laundry List Nonprofit Organization Concord NH USA http://www.laundrylist.org/ 03/10/2010
Center For Rural Empowerment And The Environment Nonprofit Organization Washington DC USA http://www.conservationforpeople.org 03/09/2010
Greenport Nonprofit Organization Cambridge MA USA 02/24/2010
Fellowship Of Humanity Nonprofit Organization Oakland CA USA http://www.HumanistHall.org 02/24/2010
Canadians For Action On Climate Change Nonprofit Organization London Ontario Canada http://canadianclimateaction.wordpress.com/ 02/12/2010
Tellus Institute Nonprofit Organization Boston MA USA http://www.tellus.org/index.php 02/09/2010
Transparency And Accountability Network Nonprofit Organization New York NY USA http://www.tr-ac-net.org/ 01/26/2010
Concord Climate Action Network Nonprofit Organization Concord MA USA http://www.concordconserves.org/concordcan/home 01/21/2010
Central Vermont Post Carbon Sustainability Network Nonprofit Organization Montpelier VT USA 01/20/2010
Bc Asset Building Collaborative Nonprofit Organization Canada http://www.bcassetbuilding.ca/ 12/10/2009
Demesta Academic Solutions Company Malmo Sweden http://www.demesta.com/ 11/19/2009
Australian Peace Committee, South Australia Branch Nonprofit Organization Adelaide Australia http://www.peacecourier.com/ 11/11/2009
Axe Restaurant Company Venice CA USA http://www.axerestaurant.com/ 11/10/2009
Degrowthpedia Nonprofit Organization Cambridge MA USA http://degrowthpedia.org/ 10/29/2009
Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility Nonprofit Organization Washington DC USA http://www.peer.org/ 10/23/2009
New England Coalition For A Sustainable Population Nonprofit Organization Acton MA USA http://www.necsp.org/ 10/23/2009
Native Forest Council Nonprofit Organization Eugene OR USA http://www.forestcouncil.org/ 10/22/2009
Carlisle Climate Action Nonprofit Organization Carlisle MA USA http://carlisleclimateaction.org/ 10/22/2009
The Rainforest Initiative Nonprofit Organization Coimbatore India http://www.rainforest-initiative.org/ 10/01/2009
Etica En Los Bosques Nonprofit Organization Villarrica Chile www.eticaenlosbosques.cl 10/01/2009
The Jeff Farias Show Company Phoenix AZ USA http://www.thejefffariasshow.com/ 09/30/2009
Ecocity Builders Nonprofit Organization Oakland CA USA http://www.ecocity.org 09/17/2009
Natural Systems Solutions Nonprofit Organization Tucson AZ USA http://www.attractionretreat.org/ 08/17/2009
Sierra Club Winding Waters Group Nonprofit Organization Columbus IN USA http://indiana.sierraclub.org/winding_waters/ 07/23/2009
Manitou Project Nonprofit Organization Williamsville VT USA http://www.manitouproject.org/ 07/21/2009
Kentucky Heartwood Nonprofit Organization Versailles KY USA http://www.kyheartwood.org/ 06/25/2009
Heartwood Forest Council Nonprofit Organization Bloomington IN USA http://www.heartwood.org/ 06/25/2009
Indiana Forest Alliance Nonprofit Organization Bloomington IN USA http://www.indianaforestalliance.org/ 06/17/2009
Indigo Development Company Santa Rosa CA USA http://www.indigodev.com 06/16/2009
Global Oneness Project Nonprofit Organization San Rafael CA USA http://globalonenessproject.org/ 06/08/2009
Jack Lindblad For State Assembly Nonprofit Organization North Hollywood CA USA http://www.smartvoter.org/2008/11/04/ca/state/vote/lindblad_j/ 06/05/2009
Club Of Rome, European Union Chapter Nonprofit Organization Antwerp Belgium http://www.clubofrome.at/cor-eu/ 06/05/2009
Holy Cross International Justice Office Nonprofit Organization Notre Dame IN USA http://www.holycrossjustice.org/ 06/02/2009
Good Dirt Radio Nonprofit Organization Durango CO USA http://www.gooddirtradio.org/ 06/02/2009
Creative Change Educational Solutions Nonprofit Organization Ypsilanti MI USA http://www.creativechange.net/ 06/01/2009
Green Lantau Association Nonprofit Organization Hong Kong China http://www.greenlantau.com/ 05/17/2009
Prout Institute Nonprofit Organization Eugene OR USA http://www.proutinstitute.org/ 05/13/2009
A-1 Builders And Adaptations Company Bellingham WA USA www.a1builders.ws 05/07/2009
Witness For Peace, New England Region Nonprofit Organization Richmond VT USA http://www.witnessforpeace.org/article.php?list=type&type=19 05/03/2009
Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory Nonprofit Organization Stanford CA USA http://www.skil.org/ 05/03/2009
Post Carbon Institute Nonprofit Organization Sebastopol CA USA http://www.postcarbon.org/ 05/02/2009
Citizens For Responsible Community Planning Nonprofit Organization Kelowna Canada http://crcpkelowna.ning.com/ 04/22/2009
Ecohearth Nonprofit Organization Brooklyn NY USA http://www.ecohearth.com 04/21/2009
Earthaction Nonprofit Organization Amherst MA USA http://www.earthaction.org/ 04/13/2009
Pender Islands Women's Institute Nonprofit Organization Canada 04/09/2009
Pender Islands Trust Protection Society Nonprofit Organization Canada http://gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca/~pitps/ 04/09/2009
Midwest Sustainable Energy Contractors Company Moline IL USA http://www.midwestsustainable.com/ 04/08/2009
San Francisco Naturalist Society Nonprofit Organization San Francisco CA USA http://www.sfns.org/ 04/07/2009
Green Party Of England And Wales Political Party London United Kingdom http://www.greenparty.org.uk/ 03/30/2009
Resource Institute For Low Entropy Systems Nonprofit Organization Boston MA USA http://www.riles.org/ 03/23/2009
The Australia Institute Nonprofit Organization Manuka Australia https://www.tai.org.au/ 03/18/2009
Lake Michigan Watchdogs Company Ogden Dunes IN USA http://lakemichiganwatchdogs.com/ 03/10/2009
Center For Food Safety Nonprofit Organization Washington DC USA http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/ 03/10/2009
Hopkins & Associates Company Baltimore MD USA http://www.hopkinsandassociates.com/ 02/26/2009
Sustainable Steps Company Portland OR USA http://www.sustainablesteps.com/ 02/25/2009
Vermont Earth Institute Nonprofit Organization Burlington VT USA http://www.vtearthinstitute.org/ 02/17/2009
Red Rock Institute Nonprofit Organization Bryn Mawr PA USA http://www.redrockinstitute.org/ 02/05/2009
Turtlestep Company Germany http://www.turtlestep.nl/en/ 01/30/2009
Manomet Center For Conservation Sciences Nonprofit Organization Manomet MA USA http://www.manomet.org/ 01/23/2009
California Institute For Rural Studies Nonprofit Organization Davis CA USA http://www.cirsinc.org/ 01/16/2009
Jubilee Economics Ministries Nonprofit Organization San Diego CA USA http://jubilee-economics.org 01/15/2009
Denver Energy Awareness Nonprofit Organization Denver CO USA www.denverenergyawareness.org 01/10/2009
Population Matters Nonprofit Organization London United Kingdom www.populationmatters.org 01/02/2009
Centre For Health Promotion And Research Nonprofit Organization Fairlight Australia 12/16/2008
Evidence Of Humanity Nonprofit Organization Seattle WA http://www.evidenceofhumanity.org/ 11/22/2008
Animal Alliance Of Canada Nonprofit Organization Toronto USA http://www.animalalliance.ca/ 11/18/2008
International Center For Technology Assessment Nonprofit Organization Washington DC USA http://www.icta.org 11/17/2008
Portfolio 21 Investments Company Portland OR USA http://www.portfolio21.com 11/07/2008
Sustainable Community Development Services Company New Westminster Canada 11/06/2008
Foundation For Deep Ecology Nonprofit Organization Sausalito CA USA http://www.deepecology.org/ 11/06/2008
Sustainable Population Australia Nonprofit Organization Western Creek Australia http://www.population.org.au/ 11/05/2008
International Society For Ecology And Culture Nonprofit Organization Dartington United Kingdom http://www.isec.org.uk/index.html 11/04/2008
University Of Kwazulu-natal Centre For Civil Society Nonprofit Organization Durban South Africa http://www.ukzn.ac.za/ccs/ 11/01/2008
Arthur Morgan Institute For Community Solutions Nonprofit Organization Yellow Springs OH USA http://www.communitysolution.org/ 10/15/2008
Global Resource Bank Nonprofit Organization http://www.grb.net/ 09/09/2008
Visions West Company Colorado Springs CO USA http://www.visions-west.com/ 08/15/2008
The Preservation Institute Nonprofit Organization Berkeley CA USA http://www.preservenet.com/index.html 08/15/2008
Science And Environmental Health Network Nonprofit Organization Ames IA USA http://www.sehn.org/ 08/15/2008
Citizen-powered Media Nonprofit Organization Colorado Springs CO USA http://www.growthbusters.com/ 08/15/2008
Ecoforestry Institute Society Nonprofit Organization Victoria Canada http://ecoforestry.ca/ 08/09/2008
Noosa Parks Association Nonprofit Organization Noosa Shire Australia http://www.noosaparks.org.au/ 08/05/2008
Maryknoll Office For Global Concerns Nonprofit Organization Washington DC USA www.maryknollogc.org 07/25/2008
Econorfolk Foundation Norfolk Island Australia http://www.econorfolk.nf/ 07/18/2008
Rhode Island Prosperity Project Nonprofit Organization Providence RI USA http://riprosperityproject.org/ 06/11/2008
Institute For Children's Environmental Health Nonprofit Organization Freeland WA USA www.iceh.org 05/15/2008
Vermonters For A Sustainable Population Nonprofit Organization Washington VT USA http://www.vspop.org/ 05/08/2008
The Sustainability Project Nonprofit Organization Lanark Ontario Canada http://www.physics.mcmaster.ca/tech/LMI/ 05/08/2008
Environmental Research Foundation Nonprofit Organization New Brunswick NJ USA http://www.precaution.org/ 04/22/2008
Abraham Paiss And Associates Company Boulder CO USA www.abrahampaiss.com 04/22/2008
La Fundacion Neotropica Nonprofit Organization Turrialba Costa Rica http://www.neotropica.org/ 03/31/2008
Raedeke Associates, Inc. Company Seattle WA USA www.raedeke.com 03/03/2008
Inspiring Green Leadership Company San Francisco CA USA 01/25/2008
Rushing Rivers Institute Nonprofit Organization Amherst MA USA www.rushingrivers.org/ 09/08/2007
Statistical Design, Inc. Company Seattle WA USA www.seanet.com/~leska/ 09/04/2007
Sustainable Saratoga Springs Saratoga Springs NY USA 08/30/2007
Nature And Wildlife Nepal Nonprofit Organization Kathmandu Nepal www.tnwnepal.org 07/25/2007
Campaign For Sustainable Economics Nonprofit Organization Indianapolis IN USA www.sustainableeconomics.org 07/19/2007
National Center For Conservation Science And Policy Nonprofit Organization Ashland OR USA www.nccsp.org 05/04/2007
Gaian Economics Nonprofit Organization Stroud www.gaianeconomics.org 05/03/2007
Share The World's Resources Nonprofit Organization London www.stwr.net 05/01/2007
Coos County Alternatives To Growth Coos Bay OR USA 03/14/2007
Gaia Preservation Coalition Nonprofit Organization Picton Canada www.gaiapc.ca 01/01/2007
Fodor And Associates Company Eugene OR USA www.fodorandassociates.com 12/29/2006
Forrest Hill For Secretary Of State Nonprofit Organization Oakland CA USA www.voteforrest.org 08/18/2006
Sustainable Scale Project Nonprofit Organization Hamilton Canada www.sustainablescale.org 02/09/2006
Qualicum Institute Nonprofit Organization Parksville Canada http://qualicuminstitute.ca/index.php 02/08/2006
Genersys Plc Company London www.genersys-solar.com 01/10/2006
The Land Institute Nonprofit Organization Salinas KS USA www.landinstitute.org 11/28/2005
Work Less Party Political Party Vancouver Canada www.worklessparty.org 11/17/2005
Sustainable Obtainable Solutions Nonprofit Organization Helena MT USA www.s-o-solutions.org 11/01/2005
Sisk-a-dee Nonprofit Organization Gunnison CO USA www.siskadee.org 11/01/2005
Martin Environmental Services Company Heriot Bay Canada 11/01/2005
Ecological Internet, Inc. Nonprofit Organization Denmark WI USA www.ecologicalinternet.org 11/01/2005
Earth Economics Nonprofit Organization Tacoma WA USA www.eartheconomics.org 11/01/2005
Conservation Planning Institute Nonprofit Organization Corvallis OR USA www.conservationplanninginstitute.org 11/01/2005
Coast Range Association Nonprofit Organization Corvallis OR USA www.coastrange.org 11/01/2005