Slumlord Nation

Whether it’s an apartment complex or an economy, the slumlord model of management can only lead to ruin and regret.

China’s Infinite-Growth Haze

China is playing a dangerous game based on a seductive (but faulty) economic theory.

Aristotle in Connecticut

Eric Zencey searches for deeper causes in the midst of grief and dismay over the most recent American shooting tragedy.

Where Infinite Growth Meets Biophysical Limit

If we don’t like the expense of government regulation and bureaucracies, then we’ve basically got three choices. And only two of them have a future.

Toward a New Bretton Woods and a Sustainable Civilization

Eric Zencey reports encouraging news from the United Nations, but he knows a sustainable economic system won’t arise without concerted effort.

The Infinite-Planet Approach Won’t Solve the European Debt Crisis

To fix the European debt crisis and prevent the next series of financial crises, we’d better learn the lessons of our finite planet.

Neoclassical Economist Recants Key Article of Faith

Eric Zencey explains why GDP is an indicator for amnesiacs.

The New Austerity and the EROI Squeeze

Eric Zencey explains why it would be wise to pay proper attention to energy return on investment.

Two Schools and the Path to the Steady State

Concerned about the fate of civilization? Maybe there’s some good news from an unlikely source.

National Wildlife Federation Adopts Key Element of Steady-State Thinking

Strong support for kicking GDP to the curb just got stronger.