The Surprising Conclusion to an Important New Book

It’s rare to find a Wall Street Journal columnist (and a Ronald Reagan appointee) calling for a steady-state economy.

Nationalize Money, Not Banks

Banks should not be allowed to live the alchemist’s dream by creating money out of nothing and lending it at interest.

Enough: the Central Concept in Economics

In his foreword to the book, Enough Is Enough, Herman Daly contemplates the role of sufficiency in obtaining “the good life.”

The Daly-Correa Tax: Background and Explanation

Herman Daly has an unorthodox suggestion for curtailing carbon dioxide emissions: grant more power to OPEC.

The Populations Problem

Herman Daly offers an original take on the tired debate of “too many people vs. too much consumption” — a spot-on reframing of a critical issue.

Three More Growth Fallacies

Economists are good at making specious arguments in favor of infinite growth. Herman Daly is good at debunking them.

Eight Fallacies about Growth

Herman Daly’s synthesis will leave you questioning the most ingrained economic assumptions of our times.

The Canutist State

What would King Canute do? One thing’s for sure: he wouldn’t be so arrogant as to try IBM’s approach.

What Is the Limiting Factor?

It is not for nothing that our system is called “capitalism” rather than “natural resource-ism.”

Capital, Debt, and Alchemy

Herman Daly explains Frederick Soddy’s far-reaching economic insight, and he comes up with a doozy of a conclusion.