Building a Local Movement: Transition Winnipeg Embraces the Steady State Economy

When individual action is too little, and national policy reform will be too late, community-based movement may be just right.

Piketty Acknowledges a Limit to Inequality–Will He Acknowledge the Limits to Growth?

We are going to need more than a wealth tax to fix our economy.

Tensions in Ukraine: A Scramble for Growth?

When viewed through the lens of ecological economics and energy resources, the situation in Ukraine comes into sharp focus.

Do We Need a Steady State Economy? One Politician’s Surprising Answer

An interview with a refreshingly astute politician: Andrew Weaver, climate scientist and first Green member of British Columbia’s legislature.

An Open Letter to Peter Kent, Canada’s Minister of the Environment

James Johnston sees through what could only be described as a hoax by Canada’s Minister of the Environment.

Making Sense of the Protests through a Post-Growth Lens

Protestors have a visceral grasp on the fact that the economy has been engineered for ecological and financial ruin.

Defusing the Debt Bomb

James Johnston asks, “Where’s the bomb squad,” as the U.S. debt threatens to blow the lid off the economy.

A Steady-State Defense of Arts and Culture

James Johnston argues that art can be an economic blessing, especially in the interesting times ahead.

The Hurricane Effect (Part 2)

James Jonhston describes debt as the catalyst for an oncoming economic calamity.

The Hurricane Effect

James Johnston maintains that money and materials are matched — a stormy situation when we expect money to expand exponentially.