Connect with Other Steady Staters

Kermit knows it’s not easy being green. But it’s easier if we talk with each other.

Steady staters need to stick together. It’s not easy confronting the juggernaut of unsustainable growth. And it can be frustrating to watch our leaders continue to pursue a growth strategy that is causing environmental, economic and social mayhem. At CASSE our interim goal is to make it politically acceptable to talk about an end of growth and a transition to a new era that seeks progress without growth. Achieving this goal won’t be possible unless we work together and strengthen our community.

To that end, CASSE is serving as a hub for steady staters. We are pleased to provide several ways for people to network with each other in face-to-face groups and online communities:

In Person

CASSE’s chapters provide an opportunity for people to collaborate on activities to advance the steady state economy. A chapter can cover one of a variety of geographic scales:

  • College or university campus
  • City or county
  • State or province
  • Watershed, ecoregion, or a other geographic region.

If you want to get involved with an existing chapter, please contact the chapter director directly. If you are interested in starting a new chapter or coordinating with other people in your area, please contact us, and we’ll do what we can to help you get in touch with potential collaborators.

We also organize special events that provide opportunities to work and think collaboratively, such as our Steady State Economy Conference and special sessions at professional society meetings (see our events calendar).


Add to the discussion on The Daly News. The Daly News, is the place to add your comments on economic growth, the transition to a steady state economy, and other topics related to sustainability.

“Like” us on Facebook. We have a fun and active bunch posting on the page, a good sign that our message is gaining traction.

Follow us on Twitter. Twitter is a useful way to stay in touch, especially for the time-challenged among us.

Visit our Google group, SteadyStaters, and request an invitation to join.  The group is a forum for discussing economic growth, the steady state economy, and related topics.