Economic growth has become a misguided policy goal across the world, especially in those nations that enjoy high levels of income and consumption. The majority of people live within a culture of economic growth where the costs are not reported, and the benefits of sustainability are ignored. The big problem we need to overcome is that many citizens are unaware of the conflict between growth and environmental protection, and they haven’t considered the concept of a non-growing economy (except as something to fear). Please feel free to browse and use the outreach tools provided below to help CASSE increase awareness of the steady state economy.

Position on Economic Growth with Sign-up Sheet. The CASSE position on economic growth was carefully crafted after years of study, and has been sanctioned by many leaders in sustainability science. The position summarizes the main concepts in the space of one page. It can be signed by citizens and endorsed by organizations. The position is posted on the website, but CASSE staff and volunteers try to keep a copy on hand, too. It’s hard to predict opportunities to get important signatures!  You can also download a stand-alone version of the position without the sign-up sheet or a quarter-sheet version.

Notable Signatures. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate the significance of the CASSE position on economic growth (and convince additional people to sign it) is to view the list of leading sustainability thinkers who have signed it.

Brochure. The CASSE tri-fold brochure can be printed and distributed to citizens.

Postcard.  This postcard directs people to CASSE’s website and position on economic growth, and it includes an outstanding cartoon by Polyp.

Printed Sample of The Daly News.  This document contains two Daly News articles featuring the opposing viewpoints of Herman Daly and Milton Mountebank regarding economic growth.  It can be tri-folded into an entertaining handout.

Scripted Powerpoint Presentations. CASSE has developed several scripted presentations that address a range of topics related to economic growth, sustainability, and the steady state economy.

Reading List. This list provides a selected set of books, articles, and papers that offer a more in-depth treatment of steady state economics. Some items are available for direct download.

Briefing Papers. CASSE’s series of 2-page briefing papers cover a range of concepts related to the steady state economy in a way that is accessible to non-economists.

Stories, Allegories, and Analogies. Many people learn concepts best through stories. CASSE collects and writes stories that can help people grasp the concepts of economic growth and the steady state economy.

Videos. CASSE has several videos online, including some presentations by Brian Czech. They are helpful for understanding concepts and can be shown to workshop participants.

Quotes. CASSE maintains a list of interesting quotes about economic growth and the steady state economy.