Guess What Trudeau Said About Growth?

By James Magnus-Johnston In an appeal to Mr. Trudeau’s philosophical musings, I’ve written a letter to him listing five ways Canada can foster a better, more sustainable economy.     “There are a lot of people out there, environmental thinkers like Herman Daly and others, who talk about the fact that maybe endless growth within […]

Adjusting the Fifth to a Finite Planet, Part II

In part two of two, Eric Zencey explains how American Constitutional case law has come to value private property over the interests of other citizens.

Building a Movement for Happiness

Our guest post discusses some exciting initiatives to augment GDP with indicators that measure our well-being or happiness.

Negative Externalities Are the Norm

Here’s a crazy but true fact: negative externalities are the norm — not the exception — in our current economic setup.


CASSE chapters provide opportunities to collaborate on activities to advance the steady state economy. A chapter can cover one of a variety of geographic scales: College or university campus City or county State or province Nation Watershed, ecoregion, or other geographic region Chapter directors, in consultation with CASSE staff, determine the activities undertaken by the […]


Other Conferences There have been a number of other events around the globe focusing on achieving the degrowth transition to a steady state economy. These include: First International Conference on Degrowth. April 18-19th, 2008 (Paris, France). View the conference declaration. Growth in Transition. January 28-29th, 2010 (Vienna, Austria). Second International Conference on Degrowth. March 26-29th, […]

Posizione verso la Crescita Economica (Italian)

Considerato che: 1) La crescita economica, come viene definita nei libri di testo ufficiali, è un aumento della produzione e del consumo di beni e servizi; 2) La crescita economica avviene quando c’è un aumento del prodotto tra popolazione e consumo pro capita; 3) L’economia globale cresce come un insieme unificato composto dai settori agricoli, […]

Position sur la croissance économique (French)

Attendu: 1) Que la croissance économique, selon les ouvrages classiques d’économie, se définit comme une augmentation de la production et de la consommation de biens et de services; 2) Que la croissance économique résulte d’une augmentation du produit de la multiplication de la population par le niveau de consommation par habitant; 3) Que l’économie globale […]