The most thorough book on the steady state economy is Supply Shock, published by New Society Publishers. Supply Shock provides historical background, an overview of GDP (including how it is calculated), a summary of ecological economics, and a description of numerous policy reforms necessary to establish a steady state. It uses ecological principles to analyze the economy, thoroughly addresses the issue of technological progress, and provides a vision for a steady statesmanship in international diplomacy.

Brian Czech has used a remarkable combination of education and experience to build a solid reputation as an innovative thinker. His newest book, Supply Shock, is an adventure in learning. Czech’s vision of “steady statesmanship” is impressive and convincing, and this book easily qualifies as one of the key manuals for those who care about the world and its inhabitants.   —Lynn Greenwalt, former director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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Get well-versed in the steady state economy – read Supply Shock!