CASSE Outreach Volunteers are individuals concerned about the environmental consequences of economic growth. They recognize the steady state economy as a desirable alternative to unsustainable growth, and they support CASSE’s mission:

To advance the steady state economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal with widespread public support.

Most citizens are unaware of the conflict between growth and environmental protection, and they haven’t considered the concept of a non-growing economy (except as something to fear). CASSE Outreach Volunteers seek to overcome this lack of awareness by delivering a positive message about the steady state economy.

Outreach Volunteers decide how much effort to expend on delivering the CASSE message. At a minimum, they seek to gain support for CASSE’s position on economic growth, which can be signed by individuals and endorsed by organizations. Please fill out the form below to become a CASSE Outreach Volunteer.  We also invite you to:

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