Taking a Position

CASSE advocates a scientifically sound position on economic growth. Individuals and organizations are invited to endorse the position (contact information is optional and held in private – see our privacy policy). We use the signatures and endorsements to demonstrate popular support for the position. We also collaborate with organizations that have goals aligned with ours.

Public Speaking

CASSE offers academic lectures, speeches to civic organizations, media interviews, professional symposia, and other events. CASSE staff members lecture frequently, and we maintain a speakers network to meet the needs of universities, high schools, professional societies, and non-governmental organizations in the United States and abroad.  Please see our calendar of upcoming events.

Providing Information

CASSE promotes scientifically based literature that reveals the weaknesses of conventional economic growth theory and identifies the steady state economy as a natural alternative. We also maintain a substantial collection of education and information resources, such as our briefing papers and our reading list, which includes downloadable text where available.

Promoting Citizen Action

Through our website, literature and research, CASSE helps citizens get informed and take action to steer public policy toward a steady state economy. We believe people want an economy that is sustainable – one that will continue to provide for future generations. To that end, CASSE offers ideas about how we can get there together, and we invite dialogue from the public through our blog. Our mission is a hopeful one, so we try to maintain both a sense of purpose and a sense of humor in our approach.