Depletion of Moral Capital as a Limit to Growth

by Herman Daly In the Social Limits to Growth, Fred Hirsh argues that Morality of the minimum order necessary for the functioning of a market system was assumed, nearly always implicitly, to be a kind of permanent free good, a natural resource of a non depleting kind. Elaborating on the relation of Adam Smith’s Theory […]

A Medical Missionary’s Environmental Epiphany

What can leprosy and its treatment teach us about ourselves and how to manage our environmental crises?

Insanity Reigns at the World Bank

Now’s the time to maintain pressure on the World Bank to avoid costly failures in constructing a 21st-century energy infrastructure.

Approaching a Steady State Economy, Part 2 — Clean Clothes

What can a laundry experiment in one household teach us about economizing and innovating in the broader economy?

Approaching a Steady State Economy, Part 1 — Getting Around

Figuring out how to run a sustainable economy is a tough task — drilling down to one sector offers some insights.

The End of the Age of Extraction

The age of extraction is ending. We need a true cost economy that can meet people’s needs without undermining planetary life-support systems.

Too Many Jobs

Policies needed to stabilize population and consumption will be difficult to enact, but difficult is a lot easier than impossible.

Efficiency and Entrepreneurship: Key Ingredients for Infinite Growth

Professor Mountebank sets the record straight: the magic of infinite growth comes from the magic of ever-increasing efficiency.

Pulling Back the Curtain on Economic Growth’s Magic Act

A new book exposes the delusion of endless growth with a clear look at how humanity uses and misuses energy resources.

George Will, Doomsday, and the
  Straw-Man Sighting

George Will’s accusations are almost as far-fetched as his “facts.”