2145: A Journey Into the Future

by Peter Seidel ($12.00)

In 2145, Ron Neuwirth, a privileged young man from Tang, is offered a trip around the USA for his twentieth birthday. Curious about the state of the world outside of his Tangian bubble of the world’s 100 richest families, he discovers the harsh realities of the world after the Wasteful Century. Much of the planet—especially the sprawling and spreading Mesoland—is uninhabitable due to global heating. The people he encounters are struggling; in many cases desperately. With the help of his new friends, Ron begins to learn about the environmental impact of unfettered economic growth and makes memories he won’t soon forget, much to the chagrin of a devious Lu Ming who censors those who threaten the Tangian way of life.

Check out the first cli-fi novel from the Steady State Press and take a journey to the year 2145…if you dare.

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