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We’re glad you dropped by! The Steady Stater is CASSE’s podcast, established August 3, 2020, and hosted by CASSE’s own Brian Czech. It is the only podcast in the world dedicated to advancing the steady state economy. The podcast airs every Monday at 8:00 am EST. Czech and guests offer unique and compelling dialogue on the steady state economy, limits to growth, the degrowth movement, and related affairs in science, society, politics and policy. 

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  1. Tobias Adriansson
    Tobias Adriansson says:

    Thank you for providing this enlightening podcast.

    Brian mentioned that a steady-state economy will mitigate the issues with an economy that is fluctuating in size. I would like to hear your opinion on how the transition from a non-steady-state economy to a steady-state economy will affect us. In the western world, the sizes of the economies are too big which during the transition is going to require degrowth.

  2. David Wierda
    David Wierda says:

    Just listened to most of the podcasts. I enjoyed listening to them and I’ll look for new ones. One of the issue in recent news is how the stock market has stayed strong while there are so many problems caused by the pandemic. What do you recommend to be looking at instead of GDP? I haven’t heard any discussion of that in any of the podcasts I’ve listened to far. if you have an article or more to recommend I’d like to know that as well.

    I did go to https://steadystate.org/joe-biden-donald-duck-and-a-steady-state-soul-of-america/. In the podcast and in the article you say POSTERITY. Are you aware that in the graphic in the article the Y-axis says “Concern for PROSPERITY”?

    • Rick Tibbetts
      Rick Tibbetts says:

      Hi Don,

      Thank you for your interest in the podcast! You can subscribe to the podcast and receive weekly notifications for new episodes by following the show on either Spotify or Apple Music. You can also sign up for weekly email notifications by subscribing to the Steady State Herald blog (Go to ‘Track’ > ‘Steady State Herald (Blog)’ > add your email to the sign-up bar on the right). In addition to the blog, subscribers receive a weekly podcast email. We are working on adding a subscription bar (exclusively for podcast notifications) to this page and will notify you when we do so.


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