Step 1

Sign the CASSE position on economic growth.  Join the list of outstanding sustainability thinkers such as E. O. Wilson, Jane Goodall, and David Suzuki.  Signing it really does help.

Step 2

Join CASSE. Remember, CASSE is the only organization dedicated to advancing the steady state economy as a policy goal with widespread public support. Whether you keep active or not, your membership will help CASSE do the work.

Step 3

Get more information. You’ll be better prepared to advance the steady state economy and refute any wrong-headed objections:

Step 4

Start a dialogue.  It’s time to mainstream the concept of the steady state economy:

Step 5

Lead by example.  As more of us choose to live as “steady staters,” enjoying fulfilling and sustainable lives, others will see the benefits and want to join us.

Step 6

Become a CASSE Outreach Volunteer.  Join the network of citizens actively promoting the steady state economy and use our outreach materials.

Step 7

Make a donation.  Wall Street won’t be sending funds our way anytime soon, so support for the steady state economy will have to come from citizens like you.