The Steady State Economy Conference

Other Conferences

There have been a number of other events around the globe focusing on achieving the degrowth transition to a steady state economy. These include:


A number of videos related to steady state economics were mentioned at the conference. We have included links to these below:

  • The Urbal Fix, by Tom Bliss, investigates what a steady state economy would mean for the city of Leeds, UK
  • Life After Growth, by Leah Temper and Claudia Medina, highlights the downsides of economic growth and suggests a better way to run the economy
  • The Impossible Hamster, by nef, is a short (and funny) animation about runaway economic growth
  • The Economics of Happiness, by Helena Norberg-Hodge and the ISEC, argues that in order to respect and revitalise diversity, we need to localise economic activity

Links to additional resources are provided on CASSE’s Video, Audio and Slideshows page.