The CASSE position is a clear and concise introduction to the steady state economy as an alternative to economic growth. For many readers, the position is the first document encountered pertaining explicitly to the steady state economy.


The formality of signing a position confirms the signatory’s agreement with the content. By signing the position, the signatory is taking a stand. This engenders loyalty to the cause that may bear fruit in political choices and consumer behavior.


The length of the signatory list helps CASSE (and others) ascertain the level of support for the steady state economy. The list also reveals basic demographic features such as gender, nationality, and occupation, helping CASSE develop its strategy.


Notable signatories such as top scientists and renowned commentators provide credibility and leverage.


An endorsable position trumps a purely educational, informational website for getting the attention of the media. Also, when a dignitary signs or an important NGO endorses the position, it provides an opportunity for issuing a press release.


The signature list helps identify potential CASSE members, volunteers, and allies in general, including individuals and often (by association) organizations. It serves as a growing core of the CASSE general mailing list.


Many individuals and organizations are wary of taking a stand on economic growth. This is especially important with NGOs that might otherwise develop educational campaigns on the topic. A long list of CASSE signatories helps to assuage their concerns.


With the exception of money, nothing speaks more loudly to politicians than signatures and organizational endorsements.


Reforming economic policies toward sustainability requires clear articulation of the goal and political support for the goal. The CASSE position fulfills the first requirement and its signability ensures a growing contribution to the second requirement.

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