The executive assistant conducts basic operations typical of a non-profit organization, and more advanced functions as time allows. Early-career as well as seasoned professionals are encouraged to apply. Advanced or specialized applicants may be offered alternative job titles (such as business manager or accountant).

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Clerical Duties
  • Word processing
  • Mailing list management
  • Gmail accounts management
  • Sending letters
  • Managing mass email campaigns
  1. Financial Management and Accounting
  • Monitoring and management of financial accounts
  • Accounting using Quickbooks
  • Managing payroll
  • Preparing and filing tax forms
  1. Procurement
  • Obtaining and evaluating bids for goods and services
  • Procuring goods and services
  • Monitoring vendor accounts and contracts
  • Ensuring on-time payment of bills
  1. Human Resources
  • Posting job descriptions
  • Processing job applications
  • Managing employee benefit programs and accounts
  • Internship coordination
  1. Other Duties as Assigned
  • Managing logistics
  • Coordinating schedules and travel
  • Preparing grant proposals; fundraising in general
  • Canvassing
  • Research
Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate would have general knowledge about the basic administrative tasks at a non-profit including legal, tax management, accounting, and payroll. This knowledge would be supported by technical ability with Quickbooks, Turbotax, Excel, Word, Google Workplace, and Adobe, as well as a capacity to manage files digitally and in hardcopy. This knowledge and ability should be evident on a resume with relevant academic and/or work experience.

An interest in sustainability, ecology, and/or economics is preferable, but not required.

Supervision and Logistics

Supervision:  The executive assistant is supervised by the executive director. Given instructions, the executive assistant is expected to be independently productive for significant periods of time. The executive director prioritizes duties as needed and has final discretion on CASSE operations.

Office:  4601 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22203

Hours:  40 hours/week

Starting Salary:  $45,000-60,000 annually, depending on education and experience, with potential for increase

Benefits:  Health insurance, retirement plan, federal holidays, annual leave, and sick leave

Starting Date:  Spring or Summer 2022


To apply, send resume and transcripts to:  brianczech@steadystate.org .