CASSE offers two types of memberships: individual and organizational. Individual members may choose from a variety of tiers based on the amount they wish to contribute annually. Each time a member pays dues, they receive one Steady State Press book of their choice, along with their receipt for a tax deduction. Organizational memberships are $100 per year. Organizational members are entitled to one copy of each book published by Steady State Press and are mentioned in our quarterly newsletter sent to thousands of CASSE subscribers.

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"Growth for the sake of yet more growth is a bankrupt and eventually lethal idea. CASSE is the David fighting the Goliath of endless expansion, and we know how that one turned out." ~David Orr

Organizational Membership

CASSE recognizes that there is a plethora of organizations fighting the good fight against economic growth and climate disaster. Now, your entire organization can ally with CASSE simply by paying annual organizational membership dues and spreading the word about limits to growth. Interorganizational support is among the most significant steps to instigating real change.

For $100 per year, your organization will receive a copy of each of our Steady State Press books. Additionally, we spotlight your organization in our quarterly newsletter that reaches tens of thousands of subscribers as thanks for your support.