About Steady State Press

Steady State Press (SSP) is the publishing arm of CASSE. The mission of SSP is to publish nonfiction books that display themes related to limits to growth, degrowth, and/or steady-state economics. By publishing such books, Steady State Press aims to advance the CASSE mission of establishing a steady state economy.

Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution — Brian Czech

Politicians, economists, and Wall Street would have us believe that economic growth is the Holy Grail, and that there’s no conflict between growing the economy and protecting the environment. Supply Shock debunks these widely accepted myths and demonstrates that the only sustainable alternative is a steady state economy.

Supply Shock demonstrates that the biggest idea of the twentieth century—economic growth—has become the biggest problem of the twenty-first. Required reading for anyone concerned about the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, this landmark work lays a solid foundation for a new economic model, perhaps in time for preventing the worst global catastrophes, certainly in time for lessening the damages.

Supply Shock was originally published by New Society Publishers in 2013. Reprinted by Steady State Press in 2021.

Uncommon Sense: Shortcomings of the Human Mind for Handling Big-Picture, Long-Term Challenges — Peter Seidel

Plenty of evidence points to environmental catastrophe, economic collapse, and resultant human misery in the decades to come, yet we fail to respond in rational, meaningful ways. Uncommon Sense identifies the root cause of most of our problems: ourselves. Beyond the typical surveys of immediate threats, Uncommon Sense delves instead into the shortcomings of the human mind for dealing with big-picture, long-term problems like climate change, biodiversity loss, and overcrowding. Only by acknowledging and exploring these shortcomings do we have a chance to correct them before it’s too late for millions of people, thousands of species, and hundreds of cultures.

Best of The Daly News: Selected Essays from the Leading Blog in Steady State Economics, 2010-2018

From 2010-2018, The Daly News was the leading blog in steady-state economics. What The Wall Street Journal was to economic growth, The Daly News was to the steady state economy. Named after the leading figure in steady-state economics, Herman Daly, The Daly News hosted 46 authors and published 304 articles. These are the best.

Featured authors include Herman Daly, Brian Czech, Brent Blackwelder, Rob Dietz, James Magnus-Johnston, and Eric Zencey.

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We review each submission, but will only respond if we wish to move forward with your project. Response times vary. Steady State Press does not offer author royalties or advances. Please avoid sending submissions via snail mail, if possible.

All other inquiries should be addressed to haleymullins@steadystate.org with the subject line SSP Inquiry.