The Managing Editor performs editing, editorial management, journalistic communication, and publishing activities for print, the web, and internal CASSE use. This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits. Incumbent works in an office setting in Arlington, Virginia.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Blog Management
  • Review, edit, and process articles for CASSE’s blog—the Steady State Herald—using CASSE’s customized WordPress platform.
  • Communicate with regular and guest contributors for scheduling, composition, and editing purposes.
  • Find photos and other images available for re-posting
  • Draft meta descriptions, keywords, and other metadata.
  • Edit article features and meta-data for search engine optimization.
  • Draft and circulate “email blasts” to Herald subscribers.
  • Manage reader comments.
  1. Book Publishing and Distribution
  • Review and edit manuscripts for CASSE’s book-publishing imprint, the Steady State Press.
  • Design books using InDesign.
  • Communicate with authors and prospective authors about manuscript topics, submission, and publication process.
  • Network with agencies and vendors associated with book publication steps (for example, ISBN procurement, copyrighting, cover design, Amazon listings).
  • Work with Communications Specialist and book publicists to market books.
  • Distribute books (typically with intern assistance) to members and direct buyers.
  1. Newsletter Management
  • Collect, author, edit, and design materials for the Steady Stater, CASSE’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Post Steady Stater issues on CASSE website.
  • Distribute Steady Stater issues to CASSE mailing list.
  1. Other Duties as Assigned—Including but Not Limited To:
  • Supervising editorial interns.
  • Proofreading internal CASSE documents and social media drafts.
  • Ensure congruence between CASSE hardcopy publications and online materials.
  • Coordinate website improvements with website consultant.

 Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

The ideal candidate would have:

  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • A graduate degree in journalism or a closely related field.
  • An undergraduate degree in English or a closely related degree.
  • Knowledge of ecological economics and sustainability science.
  • Proficiency with WordPress, Adobe Suites including InDesign, and Microsoft Office.
  • Proven experience authoring articles, editing manuscripts, managing print and online publication processes, and marketing and distributing books.

All candidates should have a solid combination of the knowledge, skills, and abilities indicated or implied in this position description.

Supervision and Logistics

Supervision:  The Managing Editor is supervised by the Executive Director. Given instructions, the Managing Editor is expected to be independently productive for significant periods of time. The Executive Director prioritizes duties as needed and has final discretion on CASSE activities, operations, and products.

Office:  4601 N. Fairfax Drive — Suite 1200, Arlington, Virginia 22203

Starting Salary:  $50,000–$75,000 depending on education and experience. Standard benefits package. Promotion potential depending on performance.

Starting Date:  September or October, 2022 (with some flexibility)

To apply:  Send resume, copies of transcripts, and contact information for three references to:  brianczech@steadystate.org

For more information, contact:

Brian Czech, Executive Director