Life is unpredictable, making it seem hard, even fruitless, to plan for the future. It is especially easy to feel this way when every moment of our lives is consumed by the demands of the modern world, the world driven by economic growth. Still, in these moments you have likely found yourself wondering how you can leave a lasting impact on this world, how you can leave behind a legacy.

Here at CASSE, we are doing our best to ensure that the future is bright, not only for you, but for the next generation, as well. The work we are doing now to tell people what we know, that there are limits to economic growth, is our legacy. It is a legacy we hope will inspire widespread support for ecological sustainability, an end to over-consumption and the biodiversity loss that accompanies it, and so much more.

Make Our Legacy Your Legacy and Leave a Planned Gift

If you are already a CASSE member, we thank you sincerely for your donated time or funds. Rest assured that they have been put to good use supporting our staff members in their efforts to get CASSE’s message out. We only ask one more thing – that you consider making us a benefactor in your will.

There are two ways to do this: You can leave a one-time donation of either a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, or you can set up a charitable trust that will donate to CASSE continuously over time. Talk to your attorney or tax advisor about the best option for you, and when you’re ready visit this page for more information.

Leaving a planned gift for CASSE will make you forever an honored member of our donor society. You will enable us to continue to reach potential members and signatories through our website, our new in-house publishing press, and our direct outreach efforts. You will also be supporting our intern program, which contributes to the education of young minds and directly creates the new generation of supporters for the steady state economy. Bequeath a gift to CASSE and make our legacy your legacy.