The policy specialist monitors, reviews, analyzes, interprets, proposes, and drafts public policies conducive to a steady state economy. The primary, long-running project will be the Full and Sustainable Employment Act (major amendments to the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act) and associated bills. The policy specialist may also work frequently at state or local levels, and occasionally on international policy issues.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Policy analysis
  • Analyze public policy—primarily federal legislation—for its effects on economic growth.
  • Develop nuanced expertise on the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act (FEBGA) and the Federal Reserve Act.
  • Assess incongruent or conflicting goals among federal statutes (for example, FEBGA goals vs. Endangered Species Act goals).
  • Monitor and analyze state and county policies and plans pertaining to economic growth.
  • Monitor and analyze international agreements pertaining to economic growth.
  1. Policy development
  • Draft legislation—start-up bills and amendments—conducive to a steady state economy with stabilized population, per capita consumption, and GDP.
  • Assist in developing and advancing the Full and Sustainable Employment Act (CASSE’s featured legislative initiative) and related bills.
  • Advise counties, boroughs, parishes, townships, towns, and other local or regional polities on planning for a steady state economy, including stabilized populations, consumption, and ecological footprint.
  • Assist in developing a Convention on Economic Sustainability (CASSE’s featured international initiative).
  • Assist with miscellaneous international policy initiatives such as Harmony with Nature and the Baltic Communiqué (on the Nord 2 Pipeline).
  1. Policy Communications
  • Write a monthly article for the Steady State Herald (CASSE’s blog).
  • Draft journal articles on economic growth clauses and language in statutory and case law.
  • Produce internal briefing statements to apprise CASSE staff of policy issues affecting the CASSE mission.
  • Develop web content pertaining to economic growth policy and steady-state options.
  • Contribute content for The Steady Stater Podcast and the quarterly newsletter.
  • Draft letters to editors and opinion columns for submission to newspapers.
  • Give talks on the air, online, and at conferences pertaining to steady-state policies.
  1. Networking
  • Represent CASSE with members of Congress and congressional staff.
  • Build supportive networks with non-governmental organizations.
  • Establish academic relationships with colleges and universities.
  • Facilitate collaborative projects with economic think tanks.
Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

The ideal candidate (not necessarily expected) would have a law degree and a graduate degree in economics with a certificate in ecological economics.

The minimum academic requirement is a master’s degree (in ecological economics, economic policy, public policy, economics, political science, or closely related fields).

The candidate must be thoroughly familiar with the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act prior to starting date.

Previous policy work is desirable.

Supervision and Logistics

Supervision:  The policy specialist is supervised by the executive director. Given instructions, the policy specialist is expected to be independently productive for significant periods of time. The executive director prioritizes duties as needed and has final discretion on CASSE activities and operations.

Office:  4601 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22203

Starting Salary:  $55,000–$75,000 depending on education and experience. Standard benefits package. Promotion potential depending on performance.

Starting Date:  Spring or Summer 2023


To apply:  Send resume, copies of transcripts, and contact information for three references to:  brianczech@steadystate.org

For more information, contact:

Brian Czech, Executive Director