The Steady State Herald is CASSE’s blog. As such, it is one of the leading media outlets on the steady state economy. It is intended for a general readership, not as an academic or technical publication. We publish articles once per week (typically Wednesdays), with foreseeable plans for biweekly and eventually daily articles.

We encourage writers to read our previous posts to see the types of articles we publish. We are especially interested in assessments and essays that focus on limits to growth, ecological and steady-state economics, and degrowth. We also cover the conflict between economic growth and: 1) environmental protection, 2) economic sustainability, 3) national security, and 4) international stability.

We also accept articles on other topics, especially if presented within an explicit context of limits to growth. We occasionally publish articles with no explicit connection to limits to growth, yet with very clear relevance thereto.

Please read the guidelines below for the submission process.

  • Articles must be provided to CASSE via email no later than Wednesday of the week preceding publication. Send the email with the subject line “Last Name, First Name – Steady State Herald Submission” to Casey Reiland at caseyreiland@steadystate.org.
  • Articles should be polished, penultimate drafts, meaning that very little editing should be required. Articles requiring significant editing will likely be rejected or returned for further development.
  • Articles must comprise 1,000-2,000 words. Each article should include the following:
    • Two to four headings (which appear only after a few introductory paragraphs).
    • Two to three photos, with care taken to ensure that the visuals are of high quality and available for re-use with modification. Permission information (including a link thereto) will be included for each visual, as well as a proposed caption for each.
    • Five to seven hyperlinks including three or four outbound and two or three inbound links (i.e., outside the steadystate.org domain and inside, respectively).
    • Three to five suggested keywords (and/or short key phrases).
    • A suggested meta-description that contains at least one of the suggested keywords. (The meta-description is what appears in Google results.)
    • Literature citations if needed. We generally prefer the footnote approach to citation.
  • Articles must be provided as either .doc or .docx files.
  • If you wish to publish your article elsewhere in the future, you must credit the Steady State Herald as the original publication in your byline. The standard credit should be, “Originally published on [date] by the Steady State Herald.” Ideally the credit line will include a link to your article from the phrase “originally published.” Alternatively, “Steady State Herald” should be linked to https://steadystate.org/category/steady-state-herald/.

We apprise authors of our intention to publish within a few days of receipt. More information about SEO keywords and meta descriptions can be found on WordPress’s Yoast plugin. For any questions or concerns about these guidelines or the editing process, please email CASSE’s Managing Editor, Casey Reiland, at caseyreiland@steadystate.org.