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A hundred days into the new decade (and despite COVID-19), the CASSE team is off to a great start! We’ve trained a new cohort of enthusiastic interns to be ambassadors for the steady state economy. We’ve appointed three new outstanding chapter directors in key locales. We’re close to publishing our second book under the Steady State Press imprint (Uncommon Sense by CASSE hero Peter Seidel).

The best is yet to come with the exciting goals we’re working toward—including unprecedented legislation for a steady state economy—and it’s all because of the endless support of our signatories and members! There’s never been a better time to join CASSE.

Along with you and everyone else, we’ve had to adjust to the pandemic. With our background in the relentlessness of exponential growth, we were early responders and shifted entirely to telework on March 10. Fortunately, we’d developed enough teamwork and camaraderie with our Spring 2020 interns to continue with highly productive projects, using web-based and telephone communications.

As we all face the rest of the pandemic, we at CASSE are filled with gratitude to be on this difficult journey with fellow steady staters. Hopefully our efforts will resonate with you, now more than ever. They certainly fit with the times!

CASSE staff and interns. Top left to right: Skyler Perkins (staff), Amanda Hilware, Peter Bishay, Mason Escamilla, Gabriella Golinski, Madeline Baker, and Brian Czech (staff). Bottom left to right: Szu-Ting Liao, Ellie Nguyen, Casey Reiland (staff), Kristen Matta, Lauren Pyjar, and Jordan Hutchinson.

Meet CASSE’s New Chapter Directors

CASSE is thrilled to introduce three new chapter directors: Andrew Rex, Brian Snyder, and Martin Tye! Our chapter directors are located around the world and work in various and distinctive ways to advance the steady state economy.

Andrew Rex, Denver Chapter Directorblank
Andrew Rex has supported CASSE’s vision for years. He advocates for CASSE’s position on economic growth at gatherings of concerned citizens, and he coordinates meetings and projects with other environmental organizations. He is a senior electrical engineer at a consulting firm, where he studies and designs power distribution systems for industrial facilities. He earned his B.S. in physics and mathematics from the University of Wisconsin and his M.S. in engineering systems from the Colorado School of Mines. He studies political economy and institutional economics in his spare time.

Brian Snyder, LSU Chapter Directorblank
Brian Snyder is an assistant professor of environmental science at Louisiana State University. His research focuses on the theory and modeling of energy and socio-ecological systems. His recent theoretical work concentrates on anthroecological theory, while his applied work centers on negative emissions technology and policy. He has published 40 peer-reviewed journal articles in a diverse array of journals including Ecological Economics, Ambio, Energy Policy, Applied Energy, and Sustainability Science. A native of Maryland, he earned a B.S. in biology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Georgia. He now lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his wife and two daughters.

Martin Tye, Australian Regional Communities Chapter Directorblank
Martin is many things: a keen surfer, bushwalker, small business owner, three-time political candidate, family man, traveler, and nature and music lover. He holds a B.S. in applied geography. In his spare time he studies ecological economics and history. Most of all, Martin is passionate about improving the quality of life for current and future generations and restoring wildlife. Martin is an active community member, keen to promote the steady state economy to those living in Australia’s rural districts, known to Aussies as “Australian regional communities.”

We are eager to see the impact our new chapter directors will bring to their respective communities. (We’ve already noticed some results.) Welcome Andrew, Brian, and Martin!

CASSE New South Wales Chapter Hosts “Dialogue for a Sustainable Economy”
The CASSE NSW Chapter hosted “Dialogue for a Sustainable Economy” on December 7, 2019, in Sydney. Associate Professor Phil Lawn gave the keynote address on transitioning from growth to a steady state economy. Panel discussions and workshops were held as well. The NSW Chapter, led by Haydn Washington, is gradually breaking through to a broader audience in NSW and Down Under at large!

Signatory Spotlight



Lt. Governor David Zuckerman
Vermont’s Lt. Governor signed the CASSE position on January 31st, 2019. Zuckerman became the first Progressive Lt. Governor in Vermont in 2017, earning the endorsement of Bernie Sanders. He is now a 2020 gubernatorial candidate. Learn more here. (Photo with CASSE’s Skyler Perkins.) 
Jessica Graham
Jessica Graham, formerly with the U.S. State Department, is President of JG Global Advisory, a woman-owned small business (WOSB) consultancy that provides services and solutions on environmental and international security challenges.
Gabriel Quadri de la Torre
Gabriel Quadri de la Torre, presidential candidate in Mexico’s 2012 general elections, signed the CASSE position on February 12th at the Sustainability Summit in Mexico City.

Speaking Up: CASSE Weighs in at the 2020 Energy and the Environment Forum (Sponsored by the Society of Environmental Journalists)

On January 24th at the National Geographic Society, CASSE Executive Director Brian Czech questioned former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, about his opportunities to get more explicit about the need for “a steady state economy as the truly sustainable alternative to growth.” Ban Ki-moon’s favorable reply led to a follow-up and very near-signing of the CASSE position on economic growth, disrupted only by his security entourage (which rushed him off to his limousine).

Another highlight was a statement by Robert Kunzig, the Senior Environment Editor at National Geographic. Referring to the earlier Q&A period, Kunzig acknowledged a long-running desire to write about the steady state economy for National Geographic.

Hosting, facilitating, and informing discussions about limits to growth at policy and journalism events is extremely valuable for advancing the steady state economy. Want to help? Be a CASSE outreach volunteer and make your voice heard at conferences or within your own neighborhood!


Media Highlights
Listen to CASSE’s Executive Director, Brian Czech, speak about the silver lining of the COVID-caused recession on GrowthBusters Podcast! Check out the episode here!



“It is an honor and an obligation to sign this [CASSE] position…
for the sake of future generations.” –Roberto Filacchione, USA

“This is the first environmental cause that gives me clear vision and hope.” –Kelly Hofer, Canada

“The best kind of ‘growth’ for humans is to be about increasing our capacity for empathy and living more fulfilling lives.” –Kristen Mayer, Australia

Sign the CASSE Position!

CASSE launched the Global GDP meter back in June 2019, and on February 20th it reached 88 trillion dollars! This amounts to an alarming level of environmental impact—biodiversity loss, pollution, and climate change for starters. Much of this impact is permanent, and ecosystems are unravelling as a result, threatening tomorrow’s jobs, national security, and international stability.

Meanwhile, the COVID pandemic has shifted GDP into reverse, for the time being. See how we’ve adjusted the meter. CASSE projects and discussions will be focused for some time on post-pandemic paradigm shifts and policies. Our emphasis will be degrowth toward a steady state economy.

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Featured Intern: Jordan Hutchinsonblank
Jordan Hutchinson is a CASSE editorial intern and a junior at George Washington University studying English and Creative Writing.Jordan’s CASSE Experience
“Working for CASSE has been such an incredible learning experience so far. I’m learning so much about the publishing process and what it’s like to work for an independent press. Even more than that, I’m learning about the steady state economy and how essential it is that we, as a society, begin to spread the word about economic sustainability.”


The mission of CASSE is to advance the steady state economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal with widespread public support. Read more about CASSE goals, objectives, and methods at

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