CASSE provides several ways for “steady staters” to network with each other:

  1. Join an existing CASSE community.
  2. Form a new local chapter or discussion group.
  3. I want to get involved, but it’ll have to be an online community.

Join an Existing CASSE Community

CASSE has a developing group of members to provide a core of support and an active network of outreach volunteers to help deliver our message.

Become a CASSE Member

CASSE members provide financial support in the form of membership dues to fund staff and projects.  Members receive our electronic newsletter, The Steady Stater, and provide a grassroots foundation for our efforts to effect social change.  Please consider joining today.

Become a CASSE Outreach Volunteer

CASSE outreach volunteers are individuals concerned about the environmental consequences of economic growth. They recognize the steady state economy as a desirable alternative to unsustainable growth and take steps to spread the word. Volunteers have opportunities to collaborate in working groups on a variety of projects. Please consider joining today.

Form a New Local Chapter or Discussion Group

CASSE is interested in developing local chapters to advance the steady state economy or create discussion groups to cover a variety of topics. If you are interested, the first step is to view our list of individuals who have signed the CASSE position on economic growth. You can search the list to see if there are colleagues in your part of the world who are already aware of CASSE’s work. The second step is to contact us, and we’ll help you get in touch with potential collaborators.

I Want to Get Involved, but It’ll Have to Be an Online Community

It is often difficult to find the time to get involved with a community or volunteer for an outreach activity.  You can still contact other steady staters and get into some interesting discussions by joining an online community.

Join the Discussion on Our Blog

Our blog, The Daly News, is the place to add your comments on economic growth, the transition to a steady state economy, and other topics related to sustainability.  Please consider subscribing via email or RSS feed.

Join Our Online Social Networks

CASSE has an active Facebook page, and we use our Twitter account to practice brevity in delivering steady state messages.

Join Our Google Group

CASSE has a Google group called SteadyStaters, to help us connect with one another and share information. Please visit the group and request an invitation to join the discussion.