The Steady Stater             Vol. 12, Issue 2             September 30, 2021

Dear Steady Stater,

Greetings! Sorry we missed you this summer, but you’ve probably suspected some growth pains at CASSE. Growth pains in the nonprofit world come in the form of staff turnover and tattered deadlines, including newsletter deadlines.

For CASSE especially, recruiting staff is different than at Deloitte, Apple, or Pfizer. We’re not tossing around six-figure salaries with paid vacations to the Bahamas. Nor do we exude the vibes of the U.S. State Department on a resume. It’s tough for a tiny nonprofit to compete for the best and the brightest, and even tougher to retain them when plushy employers come calling.

So, the highlight of this Steady Stater is the rollout of our new staff covering the key positions of managing editor, communications specialist, and ecological economist. You’ll meet them below, and take my word for it: This CASSE team has brains, talent, and—rarest of all—passion for advancing the steady state economy. Now that’s a winning combination, and (touch wood) I believe the team is set for a solid run!

In this edition you’ll also find the kick-off for Season 2 of “the other Steady Stater”—The Steady Stater podcast—along with award-winning CASSE chapter activities, organizational endorsements, and our new cohort of wonderful interns. In the “top articles” section, you’ll encounter a couple of controversial propositions. I’d add that the “banning flights” proposition was swiftly followed up with the legislative goods.

Yes, we know the Forgoing Flights for America the Beautiful Act isn’t feasible—yet. Consider CASSE a center-pulling, envelope-pushing think tank, getting its feet wet for plenty of steady statesmanship in statutory law.


Brian Czech

Haley Mullins, managing editor for CASSE

Meet Our New Staff

Haley Mullins became CASSE’s Managing Editor in July. Haley worked for several years as a middle school English teacher and as a freelance writer and editor. She received her B.A. of English with a creative writing concentration from Appalachian State University, and will receive an M.P.S. in Publishing from George Washington University in December. Haley manages CASSE’s publications such as the Steady State Herald (blog), Steady State Press (book imprint), and even these quarterly newsletters!

James Lamont, communications specialist at CASSE

James Lamont came on as CASSE’s Communication Specialist in August. He received his B.A.S. in Sustainability Management from St. Petersburg College. He previously produced and hosted a weekly political segment on WMNF 88.5 FM, and independently produced the podcast Climate Breakdown. James has written extensively about economics, environmentalism, and culture for various outlets. He manages CASSE’s public relations, social media, and press releases, and produces CASSE’s podcast, The Steady Stater.

Elise Miner, internship coordinator at CASSE

Elise Miner advanced from CASSE’s Editorial Intern in 2020 to Internship Coordinator in 2021. She recruits, orients, and supervises CASSE’s interns. Before joining CASSE, Elise interned for the International Rescue Committee and the National Endowment for the Humanities. She is completing her B.A. in English at Georgetown University and writing a senior thesis on Virginia Woolf and the Philosophy of Aesthetics.


Taylor Lange became CASSE’s full-time Ecological Economist in August. He has a B.A. in Environmental Planning and an M.A. in Geography from Binghamton University. Taylor has an M.S. in Resource Economics and Policy from the University of Maine where he is a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology and Environmental Science, expecting conferral in December. His work has been published in the Journal of Evolutionary Economics and the Cooperative Business Journal. Taylor leads CASSE’s GDP Correlates Project, a data-driven investigation on environmental and social impacts of GDP growth.

Top Articles of the Summer

The Steady State Herald hosted some controversial articles this summer. In case you missed them, here are the top three:

  1. #BanFlightsUSA, Before It’s Too Late!
  2. Old White Men: Protecting the Rim for Steady-State Diversity
  3. Bad Bros and Their Bitcoin

Signatory Spotlight

John Mirisch, 3-time mayor of Beverly Hills and former film studio executive, has joined the ranks of CASSE signatories. Keep an eye out for John’s debut next Thursday in the Steady State Herald!

John Mirisch, 3-time mayor of Beverly Hills

Chapter Awards

Rob Harding, Chapter Director and Treasurer of the Preserve the City of Hayden PAC

2021 Steady Statesman Award

Rob Harding (North Idaho Chapter), in collaboration with Hayden, Idaho city councilman Matthew Roetter, established a PAC called “Preserve the City of Hayden” for growth-fighting candidates.

Adel Ramdani CASSE EU Chapter Director

2021 Excellence In Leadership Award

By recruiting dedicated volunteers, Adel Ramdani (European Union Chapter) is developing a European subsidiary of CASSE in the European Union, named CASSE EU.


2021 Strategic Engagement Award 

Over the summer, Martin Tye (Australian Regional Communities Chapter) took on CASSE’s Twitter profile, increasing social media engagement about all things steady state.

Steady Stater Podcast — Season 2 Kickoff

After a months-long hiatus, The Steady Stater podcast is back in full swing with a brand new episode featuring the return of the podcast’s first-ever guest, Laurel Hanscom. If you missed Season 1 or haven’t heard our latest episode, make sure you are subscribed, and look up The Steady Stater wherever you get your podcasts!

Episode 44 graphic of The Steady Stater Podcast with Laurel Hanscom, CASSE

Cherished Endorsements

We are thankful for the endorsements of these big-thinking organizations. As the list of our organizational endorsements grows, so does the political viability of steady statesmanship.


“As a 78 year old white guy I have hacked my share of branches and finally understand your importance. CASSE appears to be the only game in town.”
~Shawn Boles (Eugene, OR, USA)

“I have two children and I want them to have a decent world to live in.”
~Dawn Lawrence (Bristol, England, UK)

In Memoriam: Richard Lamm (1935-2021)In Memoriam: Richard Lamm (1935-2021)

This CASSE signatory was a three-term governor of Colorado, one-time presidential candidate, and tireless crusader for population stabilization. A prolific author, “Dick” was unafraid of controversy, and his successful effort to keep the 1976 Winter Olympics out of Colorado was one of the greatest rejections of pro-growth forces in American history. One of Lamm’s final public engagements was as a guest on The Steady Stater.

[Image: CC BY-NA-SA 2.0, Credit: University of Denver]