The Steady Stater             Vol. 13, Issue 3             July 18, 2022

Dear Steady Stater,

If you subscribe to the Steady State Herald (as the best and brightest do), fresh in mind is the worst of the Supreme Court: West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency. I reference the case for the purpose of highlighting three things; one challenging and two encouraging. On the challenging front, now more than ever, we urgently need steady staters and degrowthers to step up and speak up.

West Virginia proves once again that we cannot leave the paramount issues of environmental protection and economic sustainability to government leadership; not even in the branch that should be most judicious. We now have a Supreme Court in lock-step with the pro-growth politicians in the legislative and executive branches. But the cause is not lost—it’s never entirely lost—so we have to keep fighting and imbue our democracy with steady statesmanship from the bottom up.

Toward that end, the West Virginia article encourages us twice: with noticeable improvement of Herald content and with the effectiveness of CASSE’s internship program. We’ve hosted nine new guest authors at the Herald thus far in 2022 (in addition to our regular CASSE authors). We don’t accept nonsense or shoddy writing at the Herald, so nine new authors at the half-way point of 2022 is no mean feat.

Furthermore, four of our new authors were CASSE interns. One of them, Sydney Lyman (journalism intern) has just produced consecutive articles; a record for interns. Why not encourage such effort by reading her West Virginia article and leaving a comment?

The success of the internship program (which goes far beyond journalism) is a direct reflection of a rejuvenated CASSE staff, including full-time internship coordinator Trevor Reilly. As a bonus, on July 6 we hired an intern alumnus, Lydia Schubarth, as our long-awaited executive assistant. (Not every nonprofit can land an executive assistant with a master’s degree in international security from George Mason University!)

Given the dire need for steady staters, proven production at the Steady State Herald, and the flourishing of CASSE’s internship program, shouldn’t we consider three follow-ups? Please: 1) become a CASSE member; 2) subscribe to the Herald; and 3) donate to CASSE, helping to fund CASSE projects and programs, including our top-notch internship program.

Thank you!

Stay steady and safe,

Brian Czech

Portrait of Lydia Schubarth, CASSE's executive assistant

Meet Our New Staff

Lydia Schubarth joined CASSE as the executive assistant in July 2022. She has a B.A. in international studies from Northern Kentucky University and an M.A. in international security with a concentration in intelligence from George Mason University. Before coming to CASSE, Lydia worked in admissions at the Schar School of Policy & Government. As executive assistant, Lydia manages clerical duties, financial management and accounting, procurement, and human resources at CASSE.

Signatory Spotlight

Orsolya Lelkes is a multi-lingual author, psychological counselor, economist, and social researcher. Prior to authoring Sustainable Hedonism: A Thriving Life that Does Not Cost the Earth, Dr. Lelkes was the Deputy Director at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna and the Head of Economic Research at Hungarian Ministry of Finance.

Orsolya Lelkes, author

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Chapter News

Gary Wockner, CASSE's Colorado River Chapter Director

Colorado River Chapter

Gary Wockner has been using his platform as an “eco-rockstar” and Colorado River chapter director to write and disseminate substack articles pertaining to CASSE’s work.

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“You are doing great work. Civilization needs you to win the day.”
~Paul Sutton (Morrison, CO, USA)

“A steady state economy just makes sense. But it’s going to be a tough transition to get there unless we can shift what we value. We need appealing stories and to hold forth a new ethic.”
~Philip Bogdonoff (Washington, DC, USA)