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The mission of CASSE is to advance the steady state economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal with widespread public support. We pursue this mission by:

  • educating citizens, organizations, and policy makers on the conflict between economic growth and (1) environmental protection, (2) ecological and economic sustainability, and (3) national security and international stability;
  • promoting the steady state economy as a desirable alternative to economic growth;
  • studying the means to establish a steady state economy.

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Discover the Steady State Economy

True Sustainability

Economic growth, with all of its downsides, is clearly unsustainable in the 21st century.  Long-term recession is no panacea either.  A steady state economy is the sustainable alternative to perpetual economic growth.

Economic growth was never a magic bullet; it is simply an increase in the production and consumption of goods and services–it can’t possibly lead to a sustainable outcome.  In contrast, the steady state economy provides the means for present and future generations to achieve a high quality of life. 


CASSE was founded as a U.S.-based nonprofit organization by Brian Czech in 2004 to refute the dangerous rhetoric that “there is no conflict between growing the economy and protecting the environment.” Working with colleagues in several professional scientific societies, Brian crafted a scientifically sound position on economic growth that can be signed by individuals and endorsed by organizations. With our position statement, the work of our dedicated staff and volunteers around the world,