Weighing in on Money and Growth

CASSE is engaged in a most interesting discussion with the outstanding economists at the Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE) about how the field of Ecological Economics treats money.  The discussion began in the Triple Crisis Blog with Alejandro Nadal’s article, “Money Matters, Mr. Daly.” Herman Daly and I both posted comments there, adding to comments from Kevin Gallagher and Neva Goodwin, and The Daly News also featured two essays on money:  Daly’s “Money and the Steady State Economy,” and  “Money is a COW” by me.  Nadal has responded with a follow-up on the macroeconomics of sustainability.  Please follow the discussion and weigh in with your comments.

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  1. Joshua Nelson
    Joshua Nelson says:


    Great discussion! In my opinion money is one of the most interesting things we have in society, and an incredibly important part of our economy. Finding ways to stabilize the economy through a more prudent monetary system is a great topic to discuss!

    Thank you for all the great posts! I love the commenting and back-and-forth. Making this blog more interactive and furthering the discussion like this is inspiring! I wish I had more than praise to bring to the conversation, but I agree with Rob and Daly, so there’s really not much more to say on my part.



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